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Medical insurance billing company

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Medical insurance billing company

Medical insurance billing company

We know how important is your business reputation and relationship with your patients. Medical and healthcare industry are outsourcing debt collection services to outside company as they are professional and have higher collection rates. We are an experienced collection agency who specializes in recovering medical debt. We provide first party collections, third party collection and account receivables services. Our medical revenue service debt collection services help you in saving, time and resource and accelerate collection rates. medical insurance billing company

medical billing and collection companies

MAX BPO uses advance technologies and methods for debt collection that helps in better communication with debtors and also allows them access to complete debtor information for efficient recovery of debts in the fastest possible ways. Our expert services will help healthcare industry companies to focus on patient care and other important business tasks. Our expert professional takes care of medical collection services and helps in improving revenue performance. With our healthcare debt collection services companies can enhance their cash flow.


Medical Debt Recovery Agency USA


In USA healthcare and medical industry companies are facing problems in debt recovery. Industry is finding difficulty in recover past-due bills from insurance companies and patients. Medical debt is the largest percentage of consumer debt in collections. As it is getting difficult for healthcare industry to recover debt by in-house so companies are hiring medical collection agency to help collect their past due accounts.


We specialize in financial debt recovery for all realms of healthcare and medical. MAX BPO medical collection services are on contingent basis and collect delinquent accounts and increase revenue while maintaining positive customer relationships. As a HIPPA compliance company we strictly adhere to the guidelines. Our debt recovery agents are well familiar with FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act), HIPAA and all applicable state and local regulations.


If you have more questions about our medical collection services or healthcare debt collection, feel free to call or contact for a free consultation.




What is Medical Debt Collection Services?


Medical collection services is the process in which bad debts and overdue medical bills are recovered from present or former patients, the similar processes serve private health professionals and medical institutions. Medical debts have now become a serious problem related to medical bills or health insurance, which are difficult for patients to afford. Such kind of healthcare debts is different from others because they are generally a result of accidents such as illness or injuries.


Generally, medical debt happens when patients have difficulty in affording healthcare. Even if a person is a health insured, there is a possibility that he may be in a debt. This is because no medical insurance refunds 100% bill amounts.


Large health institutions generally deal with the medical debt recovery internally, as for the recovery of the amount due they have their collection agents. However, some of the hospitals suggest the professional services of Debt collection agencies (DCAs). The medical default collection process is only used after the clearance of the creditor that the entire recovery approaches and billing have been successful.


Most of the healthcare organizations prefer to take medical debt collection services because they understand that their business is healthcare, not debt collection. But cash flow is an important aspect for an organization to pay all the workers who are contributing to the medical practice. If a patient refuses to pay, it affects the business. Medical debt collection companies tackle such cases and give you the results which you may not get by working alone.


Advantages of Medical Collection Services


Here are some of the advantages of taking the   healthcare debt recovery services for your organization


Medical Billing and Collections Expertise

Your organization must have an expert medical debt collection team so that your organization can manage its account properly and take care that the workers are getting paid on time. It is very important to maintain the reputation of the company. Medical bill debt collector experts also make sure that the organization does not get trapped into any legal activities under any circumstances.



Enhanced Patient Relationship

The medical debt collection companies are professionals and will help in retaining customers or patients as they are good in negotiating. They also help in providing grace period to figure out payment options before the customers or patients debt affects their credit scores. They will make them understand that unpaid medical debt will still remain on your credit report for seven years from the original delinquency date.


Key Considerations


Medical hospital debt collection is not free. Look carefully how the payment is received by a medical collection agency when looking for a service agency. Standardized payments depend upon the amount of debt collected by the agency that's why it is difficult to determine. It may be $10-$50 dollars for the smaller amounts, but it will be based on a percentage for the large amounts.


Always look at how the customer experience team of the agency handles things when looking for a medical debt collection agency. You would never want to damage the reputation of your brand because of the aggressive behavior of the hospital bill debt collectors. That is why always select medical debt recovery agency carefully. reference link = medical billing and collection companies

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