Questions to Ask Yourself Before Joining an IAS Coaching Center
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Questions to Ask Yourself Before Joining an IAS Coaching Center

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Questions to Ask Yourself Before Joining an IAS Coaching Center

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Joining an IAS Coaching Center

Joining an IAS coaching center is easy, but the process afterward is quite a challenging one to uncover. If you do not consider asking a few important questions yourself before joining a coaching institute, you may have to face the consequences in the future. Here are the top 6 questions you must ask yourself before joining an IAS coaching center listed below. If you are interested, let's start reading.

1. Am I on the right track?

Before you consider joining any institution for IAS coaching, take a deep breath and ask yourself whether you are following your dream and you are on the right track. If your answer is yes, you must begin your IAS preparation journey right away without any hesitation with the best UPSC coaching in Delhi.

But, if you are still skeptical about joining an IAS coaching, perhaps it is not the right time to join a class; otherwise, it would be a complete waste of money and time. Whatever you do, make sure not to prepare for IAS under pressure. In this way, you will lose all your energy on something you are not passionate about, and at the end of the day, you will face nothing but failure. As a result, you will get demotivated. So, opt for IAS coaching in Delhi only if you think you are passionate about that and can go to any extent to achieve a position in this field.

2. Should I opt for an online or an offline IAS class?

Once you are determined that you want to become an IAS in the future, it is time to select the type of class. Now, two types of preparation are available for each aspirant- offline and online classes. Throughout the years, students have got successful results by joining both online and offline classes. So, which one you want to select completely depends on you. In case you want to increase the timing of self-study, an online class is a great option for you where you do not need to attend any physical classes. On the other hand, if you want, you can also opt for an offline class. But, make sure to take the final decision after thinking thoroughly and assessing the benefits of each medium.

3. Do I have the right understanding of the exam?

An IAS examination is nothing like your board or university exams. It is entirely different and highly competitive. Aspiring students from several parts of the entire India appear and take part in the UPSC exam every year. Therefore, having the right understanding of the exam is a must before you join the best UPSC coaching in Delhi. Before admission to any institute for UPSC preparation, always go through the exam details, course details, and other essential things.

Prepare yourself for the preliminary, main, and interview sessions from the beginning. Although the coaching institutes will help you to focus on each chapter and strengthen your perceptions of each matter, you are the only one who needs to strategize the course according to your preferences. So, do not forget to ask yourself whether you are ready and well-aware of the syllabus and other things.

4. Do I have the exact time to prepare for the final exam?

It is one of the most important questions you should never skip to ask yourself before joining IAS coaching in Delhi. It is because no matter how reputed and great an institute you join, if you have no time in hand, you cannot prepare for the final exam in the right way. Therefore, always ask yourself how much time you are left with for the final exam. Generally, a coaching center dedicates a maximum of three hours per day and two to three days per week. It also varies from one institute to another. Additionally, you need to attend the classes in the same pattern for at least four to six months. However, if you have joined too late and do not have time, even after joining the class, you cannot expect an exceptional result without the right preparation.

5. Can I handle attending the class every day?

It is another important fact a massive number of students tend to overlook while joining the best UPSC coaching in Delhi. If you already have a job, you cannot attend the class regularly with the same energy as the one without a job. Somehow if you come to the class after an exhausting day of work, you can never concentrate on the class. Additionally, if you live far from your selected coaching center, you must dedicate a whole day to attending the class and returning home. With zero energy left, you will not get sufficient time for self-studying. This way, attending the class each week will become a burden for you without providing solid results. Therefore, try to select a coaching institute near your location and only get admitted if you can attend the class with full enthusiasm.

6. Finally, is my selected institute the right one?

Undoubtedly, IAS coaching in Delhi plays a vital role in shaping a candidate for the final examination. Hence, you must select the right institute with great infrastructure and exceptional faculty members. Additionally, do not forget to look at the previous records of the institution and always go to the feedback and experience of the previous students. Finally, try to gather as much information as possible before you take final admission to a coaching center for IAS preparation.


These, in short, were some fundamental yet inescapable questions you must ask yourself before you consider joining a coaching class for your UPSC preparation. Then, make sure you understand the syllabus and course, select a nearby institute, select either an online or an offline class, and you are good to go. But, whatever you do, always ask yourself whether you are following your dream for the best result. Best of luck for a professional accomplishment like no other.

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