Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment Cost in Palm Desert, CA

Palm Desert

Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment Cost in Palm Desert, CA

Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment Cost in Palm Desert, CA

SMP is a cosmetic procedure most people call a tattoo that helps treat hair loss. It's a technique that involves pigment application in the dermal layer of the scalp. The process can be complex, requiring the manual implantation of about 1250 pigments.

Scalp micropigmentation cost in Palm Desert depends on several factors, such as the client's needs. So, it requires a highly skilled technician for the best results. 

Factors Influencing SMP Cost

While prices will vary from place to place, these are the common factors that highly contribute to the actual SMP cost. 

Skin Type

Does SMP work for all skin types, or it's only for normal skin types? While most patients might have normal skin, the treatment is suitable for those with abnormal skin.  

Dry and flaky

Patients with this skin type or high sensitivity, such as severe acne, often require more time for scalp micropigmentation procedures. 

Thick skin

SMP procedure for this skin type can also be time-consuming. The needles may have more difficulty penetrating quickly than in a thin skin type. The technician might even use a little pressure to make it work. 


Patients with scars might take longer for scalp micropigmentation, which is likely to raise the cost of the treatment. Though the treatment does not grow new hair, it gives an image of thick hair. 

Scars form after a hair transplant is one of the popular SMP treatments. If a person has prominent spots, the technician first hands this before proceeding with the SMP procedure. 

Hair Density

Different hair densities will also determine the scalp micropigmentation cost in Palm Desert. Each individual will have different hair strands, so the doctor first checks every patient's hair density and fullness. So, the larger the treatment area, the more costly it will attract, and vice versa. 

The patient's hair restoration goals are likely to affect the method of SMP treatment. And this will also influence the SMP cost. 

It's prudent to plan accordingly as treatment of severe balding ranges from $4500 to $5000. Bearing in mind that insurance doesn't cover cosmetic treatments. 

Benefits of SMP

You can enhance your confidence with the scalp micropigmentation procedure. Besides scalp hair loss treatment, it also offers the best cosmetic technique for thinning eyebrows and other body features. 

  • It provides a long-lasting effect.
  • It's less invasive
  • It's a quick procedure
  • It restores confidence in a patient with baldness. 
  • Affordable 
  • No downtime 

In Conclusion

Men and women suffering from hair loss but prefer maintaining a short hairstyle can opt for SMP. Beverly Hills has state-of-the-art methods that mimic the natural hair look. Scalp micropigmentation cost in palm desert is affordable and can range from $350 - $3,500 depending on the scalp area and work involved. But the best advice is to consult a practitioner who will help you get an actual cost. 

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