Solo Travel: The Benefits Of Traveling Alone

Solo Travel: The Benefits Of Traveling Alone

Post by Richard Nguyễn

Having no one to travel with is one of the most frequently cited reasons that prevents people from going traveling. Solo travel almost isn’t even considered as an option due to worries about it being boring, lonely and unsafe.


The benefits of traveling alone far out weigh the cons.


1. Complete and Utter Freedom


With solo travel you can literally do whatever the hell you want, whenever you want. There’s no debating “Well I really want to see x” and the other person going “Oh but that will mean we’ll miss y which I really want to see” and then having to work out how you’ll find a solution which is “ok” for both of you (notice I said “ok” for both of you. If it’s a true compromise it’s not likely to be great for either of you).


2. You’ll Make More Friends


I can guarantee I wouldn’t have met almost all of the amazing people that I’ve met on this trip if I were traveling with someone else. A lot of my favorite people in the world have been those I made an effort to start a conversation with or who I was more open to talking to because of the fact that I’m traveling solo.


3. There’s No Drama


When you travel together you will be around each other 24/7. You’ll be sharing rooms together, sleeping next to each other on overnight bus rides, trekking up mountains together and working out how to find your accommodation when both sleep deprived and grumpy. Those conditions can cause a strain on even the closest of relationships.


4. You’ll Build Confidence Around Others


Solo travel can be used as a way to push yourself and build up confidence in talking to others by making yourself do it on a regular basis. You really do have nothing to lose.


5. You’ll Become Comfortable in Yourself


Travel in general is one of the most beneficial life experiences you can have but there are even more benefits if you decide to do it alone. So what are you waiting for? Stop using having no one to travel with as an excuse not to go and just start packing. You won’t regret it. 

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