Stick To Your Dreams

Stick To Your Dreams

Post by Richard Nguyễn

Georgiana's lovely poem:


Once there was a little boy.....
He owned a little rocket toy.
He dreamt and dreamt that one day he
would go to space to see what he could see.


He would build a supersonic jet
and go as far as he could get.
His other friends thought this was cool,
Until aged 16 and they left school
And gave up on their childhood games,
Deciding they had other aims.


But for the boy he held his dream.
Deciding he would need a team,
Worked night and day to find a way
No matter what they had to say.


He built some businesses doing this and that.
And saved some money under a hat.
And when the hat was nearly full
He decided to tell them all.
How they laughed, how they mocked
But he was not afraid or even shocked.
He gathered together the perfect team
To help him realise his dream.
Scientists from round the world,
Special metals to withstand the cold,
Computers and other such things.
Soon his heart began to sing.
He had begun to build his rocket
No matter if they tried to knock it.
He knew that he would one day be
Soaring in the galaxy!


He work on this through many years.
Blood and sweat and many tears,
Never did he give up once.
And after months and months and months,
And years and years,
highs and low and some more tears
He ignored them when they told him ‘no “
“Why not give something else a go...
This game is for a little boy!”


......He would not let them steal his joy.


And then one day in mid December
A day they will all remember.
The crowds they gathered in the Mojave
They could only imagine the sight they would see.
With tears and sand in his eyes
The boy looked up unsurprised
Because you see he always knew
That his dream would come true.


Up it went .....his galactic craft!
This time no one laughed
Just joy and love on every face.
As the boy’s  rocket went to space.


Thank you Georgiana!

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