Set of Silicone Smoker Oven Gloves - Extreme Heat Resistant Washable Mitts for Safe Cooking Baking & Frying

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THE ULTIMATE GLOVES FOR YOU BBQ LOVERS – don’t burn yourself, for your protection use Kitchen perfection 11 Inches long ,high graded, 500 degree durable, thick cotton & waterproof silicone double layer, outstanding insulation gloves that fits large and small hands alike,use it for your green egg,campfire,charcoal,fireplace,pit &  barbecue gas grills as well!

DON’T SWEAT AFTER A SHORT USE - we added an additional cotton layer inside that increased the comfort and the durability of the gloves - for the same best price,and despite of all of that - the flexibilty of our gloves is amazing! you got to try it!!!

YOU ARE IN THE TOP CHEF LEAGUE - After we did a market survey among top chefs we succeeded in making the ultimate comfortable kitchen oven mitts with non-slip grip, one-size glove that fit perfectly all man and women alike,and the best part-you can also use them as a pot holders,just the perfect set of 2 that will protect you from any danger- from the heat that coming from the top of your stove indoors to the  barbecue gas grills outdoors! we got you covered!dont settle for a cheap imitator.

LIFETIME WARRANTY – value at 17:99$ and 60 days money back guarantee - If you feel that you didn’t get the best product you are welcome to contact us, and get your money back – no question asked,what you see here is the best insulated versatile Protective Mitts & Potholders there is!thats why everyone likes them so much!you better get a few so you could give to your friends as a gift- wer'e getting out of stock pretty fast.

GET MUCH MORE 3 BONUSES - We won't let you go without taking from us as much as you can. Get 2 sticky hooks for comfortable storage and an 2 eBooks full off recipes "Great food from the Grill" & "Healthy salad recipies",by having all of that you having the complete set of accesories for being a pro griller,cook or baker.Are you still here?stop waisting your time!Dont settle for a cheap fake- this invesment make sense!

Product Details:

Your Wont Feel A Thing! - high grade quality silicone outer glove

Double layer Soft cotton inner lining That Gives You Another Layer Of Protecton

Can be easily taken on and off- Comfortable & Pleasant Experience

It doesn't matter if you orginaize your freezer,baking cookies or at the grill the  gloves are Heat & Cold Resistant

Non- slip grip-No worries, thanks to the special textured surface you can grab anything with a very strong and solid grip

2 Sticky Hooks For nice and easy storage

 "Great food from the grill" Ebook full of grill recipies and "Salad recipies Ebook full of salad recipies

These glovees are the real deal!Get them now,you wont regret it.

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