Everything you need to know about white label GPS tracking software updated version

Everything you need to know about white label GPS tracking software updated version


Everything you need to know about white label GPS tracking software updated version

Everything you need to know about white label GPS tracking software updated version

The Telematics world has a lot of innovations happening every day. From exceptional internet speeds to state-of-the-art tracking devices, advancements are taking place in every aspect. White label GPS tracking software is one thing creating a lot of buzz in the market right now. It allows a company to use all the desired features of the monitoring system with its personalized branding. 

In the beginning, white labeling was rare to find in the market. However, its growing popularity compelled more companies to offer it and now it is easily available. There are many aspects to discuss the white label system, and this blog will discuss them in detail. 

What does a white label GPS tracking software offer?

A white label GPS tracker offers businesses a time-efficient and cost-effective solution to their needs. They can develop a customized product of their own without investing much effort and time. Let us look at some of the key features available for businesses. 


Personalized Domain:

A company can use a domain name or subdomain of their liking in the URL of marketing and client dashboards. Usually, the service provider's domain is used, whereas the reseller does URL masking for branding purposes. This way, the reseller's clients can access the system using a different URL than that of the service provider. 


Personalized Logo:

Clients can get a personalized logo for the software according to their requirements. Whenever they open the software, the customized logo will appear everywhere. Everything can be customized according to your requirement, from the Logo to Favicon. In this way, the system will appear in front of the user as completely a new one. 


Personalized Graphics:

White labeling also comes with personalized graphics, including customized color scheming and visuals. Due to this reason, the software looks completely different from the original system. The personalized graphics help build a unique brand identity for a product. 


Personalized Email Gateway and Signature:

A company can set custom email gateway for their clients to contact them. The notifications are also sent on the personalized email. The option of a personalized email signature is also available in white labeling.

Personalized Apps:

If there are any tracking or monitoring apps connected to the software, white labeling allows them to get a fully personalized outlook. You can change everything according to your requirements, from the name to logo and graphics. 

How white label GPS tracking software help businesses?

Develops Brand Identity:

Every business puts a lot of emphasis on branding as it is essential for developing recognition amongst the audience. Despite a reseller selling someone else’s software, the clients are unaware of it and consider the reseller as the original developer. With customized branding, the resellers can develop a sustainable image in front of the users. 

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Lower Investments and Higher Profits:

Unlike the original developers of the software, the resellers do not have to invest a lot of money and time. They do not need to spend on the development process. However, they have the freedom to sell the software at any price they want. Usually, the white label GPS tracking software offers clients to sign up for their service, providing instant profits. 

Customer Loyalty:

Customer loyalty is every business’s dream; however, achieving it is a challenge. As white labeling is a lot cheaper for resellers, they offer the software to clients at convenient rates. Thus, the clients are happy and satisfied, developing their goodwill with the business. 

Lesser Operational Worries:

A reseller is free of many operational worries like hosting or storage availability. Similarly, the service providers also offer customer support which is a big issue for most businesses. With the basic operational requirements sorted, resellers can concentrate on the marketing and developing a vast clientele. 

Enhancing Competitiveness:

As there are much big fish in the telematics industry, it is hard for small startups to compete. However, white labeling allows them to be more competitive in the market. With good software and efficient customer service, a smaller reseller can make their mark amongst the big names. 

The white label GPS tracking software is the new hit in the telematics industry, offering advantages to both software manufacturers and resellers. It also provides much cheaper software to the clients, making it a win-win situation for everyone. 

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